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    combo box - no duplicates


    I have a database of say 500 employees working is say 25 departments. I created a combobox in a form to lookup a value from the table and selected the field department from the database table with ascending sorting over the field. The combobox is working fine but the problem is that repeated entries are showing in combobox. Like in department A say 10 persons are working and likewise in another departments and when I click at combobox, it 10 times shows department A and I want that it may show it only one time and if there are duplicacy of any value in that field than only once the combobox should show the value. Pl. help

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    well 2 ways to skin this cat:
    a combobox's record source is a query - look in properties of it...and open the record source - which will be a query in design view...and then go to View / Properties and make it a Distinct Query by changing the Unique Values property to yes. b.t.w. - this is not the most intuitive location for this and what you see in the query's property will depend on where your cursor is when you open it...takes a little getting use to...

    on the otherhand you are looking into a very large table to only select among 25 might be simpler to just make a Departments Table...populate the 25 entries - and resource the combobox on this new table.... on the thirdhand - - if new departments are created on-the-fly by the data entries - then this static table isn't the way to go....

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