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    Access is frozen after running a report with any change in design

    I have an Access-file that is being used in Production for a while.

    There are lots of tables, some VBA code, a lot of screens and also a dozen or so reports. Everything works fine, including the reports.

    Only, now I want to change something about the design of 1 of the reports. The result is that when the (changed) report is used by a user, Access freezes completely.
    This is the case for every report and for every change in the design. Even for a simple correction of a writing error, what proves it has nothing to do with a query or with the DB. When I open older version of my Access-file and I do a simple change in the design in that version, I have the same problem.
    I guess the error is introduced by an Access update ? Does anyone know the solution ?

    I'm running Office 365, version 2211, build 15831.20208

    thanks !

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    Does the report query run ok?
    does the report have any calculations in text boxes? They should be in the query,not the report.

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    You should try to decompile your current file (the one that still works OK), go into the VBA editor and make sure all your modules have Option Explicit at the top then attempt to compile it; fix all\any compile error(s) that you get then finally run a Compact and Repair.

    Vlad Cucinschi
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