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    Print different labels depending on Form Entry

    How do I print out 2 different labels depending on the entry of a form?
    So I have a form that request a date input which will print out a label (report) with that date printed on the label with a control number that is automatically incremented.
    If I dont require a date I just leave the date field blank on the form and then it needs to print out the second label (report) with the same control number that is automatically incremented.

    See the attached screenshot of the 2 different labels.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    sub btnPrint()
    if isnull(txtDate) then
       docmd.openreport "rReport2NoDate"
    docmd.openreport "rReport1Date"
    endif end sub

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    Two reports for the lack of data in one field? Many ways you could handle this; one being that the query behind the report should be all you need to handle this.
    The date field being like
    Exp.Date: IIF(IsNull(Forms!FormName.theDateField),"NONE", (Forms!FormName.theDateField). Result should be a date or "NONE" in the report.

    Could also use IF block in report load code
    IF IsNull(Me.txtDateFieldName) Then Me.txtDateFieldName = "NONE"
    - "doesn't work" doesn't help. Implement changes in copies of your database.
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    Or an expression in textbox: =Nz(ExpDate, "None")
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    To add a bit more information the control number needs to increment by 1 every time the report is printed out either with an expiration date or none.

    I use the following in the Before Update event in the form for the expiration date:

    Private Sub Exp_Date_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
    Me.Ctrl_Nmbr = Nz(DMax("Ctrl_Nmbr", "Ctrl_Nmbrs"), 0) + 1
    End Sub

    Which when I put a date in the Exp_date field on the form then the record in the table is updated with the next control number and the date is recorded.

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    Then use one report as suggested and move your incrementing code to the button that opens the report.
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