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Transfer Data between list boxes

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    Transfer Data between list boxes

    I have a form with 2 list boxes the first box contains servicesw. I want to choose service(s) in the first box and transfer that service(s) to the second list box using an "Add" button. There ar 2 columns in each lsit box. The problem is that when I click the "Add" button the service I have chosen from the first box does NOT appear in the second box. I have attached the code for the "Add" button's On Click event. Can any one help me?

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    run an append query upon dbl-clic.
    it uses the list1 as criteria....the query liike:

    INSERT INTO tPickedState ( ST, StName )
    SELECT tStates.ST, tStates.State
    FROM tStates
    WHERE (((tStates.ST)=[forms]![frmPickStates]![lstBox1]));

    then update the list2

    sub lstbox1_dbl_click()
    docmd.openquery "qaAddFromList1"
    end sub

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    This is a common topic in Access, I am sure you will find many examples of how to do this (have a look at

    I found it easiest to use a local table to hold my available options (services in your case) with a boolean field called IsSelected. When I open the form I run an update query to set all records to IsSelected =False then on double-click of the Available listbox (or click of an ADD button) I run an update to turn the IsSelected=True for that record followed by requery for the two listboxes - the first one (available) record source is SELECT * FROM tblServices WHERE IsSelected=False and the second one (selected) is SELECT * FROM tblServices WHERE IsSelected=True.


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