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    Need recommendations...

    Happy Friday all,

    I wanted to know if anyone out in the Access organization can recommend some GOOD/GREAT reading material (books, magazines, websites, etc.) for understanding Access expressions.

    When I try to build an expression, I'm not understanding how it is suppose to work; and my brain is not up to thinking how to write this as code. My logic and computer logic DO NOT walk hand-in-hand.

    Any assistance any of you could give me, would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thank you,

    I outta get combat pay for this....

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    Crystal has some good stuff:
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    You could look at some code/samples in the Knowledge base section of the forum.
    It often helps to learn the programming construct in context -- difficult to read the Programmer Guide.
    The link in my signature has sample usages for most Access functions.

    Good luck.

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    Many thanks guys, I would learn every resource.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuralGuy View Post
    Crystal has some good stuff:

    I often visit this site. They really have good stuff.

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