Hello all,

Fantastic resource guys! Much appreciate the ability to dig into minds with more experience on Access then I. Great stuff!

My question revolves around how practical is Access' ability to publish online, and the cost options for DB user profile and security features.

I'd have considered myself an intermediate Access user back in the day. But haven't really touched, nor kept up with, the application for a quite a few years now. I certainly lack experience in the newer features since 2003.

We run a fitness "club" and are wanting to begin recording our fitness levels etc. but I'm shocked to find there isn't really any decent customizable, low cost, web based, fitness tracking system out there, that fitted our needs well. I hate having to change my manual systems to fit around a packages limitations. Arggg.

I figured developing something on Access will give me the flexibility i want. And hopefully keep our per user cost down.

But I've never explored Access' web publishing features, and I'm finding it hard to wrap my head around the practicality and cost structure of the user profile and security features.

1 - Can Access produce a reasonably decent web based app where our members can access their own fitness levels etc. Much like you might find in many online fitness tracking apps?

2 - Can this be reasonably easily developed by an intermediate Access user?

3 - Can the web publish be mobile friendly?

4 - Can Access provide a user profile function, allowing log-in functions etc. This seems to be Office 365...but we're looking at a cost of $20 / month per user. I'd prefer something significantly cheaper.

In my mind we have access via our website for each member to log-in and they can each access information, log data, and use reporting features without having to pay much if anything per user.

I guess I'm looking for a one-off fixed cost, not a per user variable cost, much as if I got a guy to program an SQL database app right onto our website.

Much appreciate your time, I look forward to hearing from you guys, and thanks again.