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    Is Access right for what I trying to do? New user.

    I am trying to accomplish a fairly straightforward task and I am new to Access. I am looking for feedback as to whether my objective is best suited by Access or whether an easier application will work.

    I want to enter person-specific information such as address, marital status, etc. (about 35 topics), into a form and then have the input information inserted into a Microsoft Word document as a sort of fill-in-the-blanks. To re-state this, I have a Word document that contains standard wording that, for the most part, will not change and I only want the person-specific information I input to be inserted at specific locations within the text of the Word document.

    I have already designed an Access "master form" and have created basic macros that will cause other forms to pop-up if I select certain options on the master form. However, I am lost on how to link the input from the Access forms to the Word document.

    I am prepared to dive into Access to learn the application, but I don't want to invest the immense self-training time if Access will not accomplish my objective or if there is a simpler way to do it. My understanding is that Access is great for storing information in a database, however storage of the information is not overly important to me. I primarily like the versitility of Access's form design capabilities.

    Sorry to ask such a basic question, but I am new to Access and the little bit I have learned so far made me realize the complexity of Access and I don't want to get side-tracked. Thanks for any help or advice.

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    Welcome as an Access user. As with you, I think one of Access's great strengths is that it enables you to quickly put a nice UI on top of a data store; SQL Server and MySQL are superior data stores, but neither offers that UI.

    In my opinion, you should go one of two routes: either use a Word MailMerge to create your Word docs, drawing on data contained in your Access database, or not use Word at all, and instead build an Access report that meets your document needs.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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