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    Report Field Not Growing Correctly With Transparent Border


    I enclosed two pdf attachments concerning this issue.

    I have a report, and the "reason" field is one that can grow as needed. The following string is in the field: "MISSING IMPLEMENTATION PLAN, MISSING SERVICE LOGS FOR DATE OF SERVICE". I bolded “MISSING”, where the space hits the border. My standard setting for the border style is Transparent, and the space is causing the growing to not work properly. “TransparentBorder.pdf” shows the incorrect growing. When I change the border style to Solid, the growing works correctly, as shown in the “SolidBorder.pdf” file.

    Can someone please explain why the growing is not working properly with the Transparent border, but does work correctly with the Solid border? Is there a fix for this?

    Thank you so much.

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    Very odd - you found a legitimate bug?!

    Maybe use Solid with a white color?
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    Juuuust a quick check on the obvious, which you very likely checked: you DID set "CanGrow" to TRUE, correct? is "CanGrow" set to TRUE for the Report Detail section as well?

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