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    Frontend showing data, backend not updating


    I have a very strange problem.

    I have a backend-database on a network disk shared by 6 users. All users have a frontend client wich they use to administer the datebase. Everything in the frontend looks ok and they can query the latest data. However if I open up the backend database tables nothing has been updated since the middle of december. If i make a copy of the backend I can open it up and create new posts with ID-numbers that has already been taken by the frontend.

    Ofcourse I have doublechecked that the clients are connected to the right backend file (there's only on backend file in the directory). Its all very strange and confusing, anyone with a good idea whats going on?

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    I think your side back-end is a different copy. Try to make a Copy of the backend from a client side machine and transfer it to yours and compare it with the back-end you see from your machine.

    If client machines and your machine are using Network Drive mapping like I:, V: or T: etc. then try to change the back-end database link references in UNC format like \\Server Name\Folder Name\Database.accdb rather than T:\Folder Name\Database.accdb.

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