I am new to Visual Basic. So the differences between C++ and VB are striking to me. But even this seems like too much. Here is what I am talking about:

I got a project out of source safe and I started working with it.
The Graphics associated to an image list had been compiled into the project but the actual graphic files were missing.

So they appeared in the project at first but then the buttons associated with the image list went blank.
I thought all I had to do was to get the graphic image files and then reassign the image list and the toolbar. But NOOOOO. According to the book I have, once the image is set, you cannot change it and you will have to build the entire thing from scratch.

Is this right? You have got to be kidding me!


OK, so I went ahead and wrote down all the key names and other data associated with the image list and the button bar and I went ahaead and deleted them. I have made a back-up copy of the project in case I want to go return to the version before I did this.

But now, after inserting each bitmap into the ImageList, I right-clicked on the new Toolbar and choose Properties and assigned it the ImageList.

Now, aren't the images supposed to pop into the toolbar?

What am I doing wrong?