Dear friends
This is my second post in this forum.
I develop MS Access Databases for Cotton Ginning Factories in India. I need two solutions:
1) Is there any method to hide zero values in MS Access Reports for both direct and calculated fields?
2) In India cotton season starts from 1st October and ends in September. Reports are generated on daily basis with sub report of progressive purchases of the season, i.e., total purchases from 1st to the date of purchase. e.g., for the purchase of 11/16/08, the sub report will show the total purchases from 10/1/08 to 11/16/08. To generate the report, in the Dialog form I have two unbound date controls. In the 1st control I enter 11/16/08 and in the second control I enter 10/1/08. What I want to know is, if I enter 11/16/08 in the first control, is there any syntax that 10/1/08 will automatically appear in the second control. I think there should be some solution, just like =DateSerial(Year([Date]),Month([Date])-12,0)

Can anyone help?