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Invitation to participate in a survey about tools you make with Access

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    Invitation to participate in a survey about tools you make with Access

    We are trying to learn about the type of person Gartner calls the “citizen developer”. (see the longer explanation below.)

    If you work in a medium to large size company and make tools with Access to help your department be effective you might fit into this category.

    Below is the link to our 5 minute survey

    All your responses will be completely confidential.

    More about us and the project:

    SonicRim is a consultancy that does research into new and emerging technologies and markets, and we help clients such as Microsoft, Motorola, Target, Frito-Lay, Honda and others improve their products and generate new directions for innovation.

    We are currently working on a project trying to understand a new class of software developer: the ‘citizen’ developer. A Gartner report from 2009 suggests that “By 2014, citizen developers – users operating outside of the scope of enterprise IT and its governance who create new business applications for consumption by others either from scratch or by composition – will build at least 25 percent of new business applications”.

    We are seeking to interview a few citizen developers for our project. Based on our initial understanding of app and software development, we have identified users of this software as potential citizen developers and would like to invite you to participate.

    Participation will involve 2 stages:
    1. A quick, 5 minute survey to help us identify if you fit the broad category of citizen developer.
    2. If we find your responses to the survey interesting, we’ll invite you to participate in a remote video-conference interview to help us understand your context and needs in greater detail. You will be compensated appropriately for your time.

    All information collected will be treated as completely confidential. Your responses will not be released publicly, and your personal information will only be used to contact you if we’d like to invite you to stage 2 of the project, and will not be shared with anyone outside SonicRim.

    We work according to the American Anthropological Association’s code of ethics and the Market Research Society’s code of conduct

    Best Regards,
    Jeff Borisch

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    I did the survey and was invited for the interview wich took place yesterday.
    I can recommend people taking part in the survey, it was an interesting conversation about the whole design process from a citizen designer point of view. Participation means helping companies build us better tools.


    Jeroen Mioch

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