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    Basic Quoting System

    Hi guys. VERY new to access, so please excuse my ignorance

    OK: here is my (proposed) database:

    I want to create a quoting system (as the subject suggests) and im not really sure about the relationships that need to be in place. Here is my current table structure:

    Table: Product
    Product Code <-- (pr k)
    Cost Price (ex tax)
    Sell Price (inc tax)

    Table: Status
    Status ID <--(pr k)
    Status < -- this is the "status" of the quote ie: 'in progress', 'accepted', 'not accepted' etc..

    Table: Quote
    Quote ID <-- (pr k)
    Created < --date created, auto generated ("=now()"??) will this work?
    Expires < -- quote expiry date ("=now()+14"??) will this work?
    Total (ex)
    Total (inc)
    Profit (ex)

    Table: Salesman
    SalesmanID <-- (pr k)

    Table: Company
    Company ID <-- (pr k)
    Company Name
    phone number
    fax number
    street address

    post code

    OK, first some basic questions

    1. Is this table structure ok? SHould I add/remove any data from it?

    2. Where exactly should my relationships be? im totally lost with this part

    3. ANY other suggestions with this would be appreciated

    Thanks in advance!


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    The tables look fine to me. But I might be wrong without the knowledge of your business.

    The relationships completely depend on your business. Maybe think about it in another way - Can all your data be represented with all these tables?

    For example, does a quote have any connections with companies? Say you could give a company a quote, then the table "quote" is related with "company". Then you may need to know if a quote is dependant on a company, if yes, you may need to insert a company id in the "quote" table to represent the relationship. But if quotes are independent of companies, in other words, a quote can be used on many companies, then you need a relationship table which consists of quote id and company id. Probably it involves a salesman and need SalesmanID too in this table.

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    For a beginner, you came up with a pretty good schema!

    I would do this somewhat differently (assumes taxes are always applied at a constant rate, and that there are no quantity discounts):

    Table: Product - your basic product catalog
    ProductID <-- (pr k)
    CostPrice (ex tax)
    SellPrice (inc tax)
    <Quantity removed>

    Table: Status
    StatusID <--(pr k)
    Status < -- this is the "status" of the quote ie: 'in progress', 'accepted', 'not accepted' etc..

    Table: Quote
    QuoteID <-- (pr k)
    Created < --date created, auto generated ("=now()"??) will this work?
    Expires < -- quote expiry date ("=now()+14"??) will this work?
    <removed totals and profit fields--these should be calced on demand in queries>

    Table: QuoteDetails
    QuoteDetailID (PK)

    Table: Salesman
    SalesmanID <-- (pr k)

    Table: Company <question: will you ever need >1 contact at a company?>
    CompanyID <-- (pr k)
    Company Name

    Your relationships will fall anyplace where a field on TableX appears as the primary key on another table.

    Also, you will be happier in the long run if you make sure not to use spaces in table and field names.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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