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    Post Images from sharepoint

    Hello I am storing images on a sharepoint site.

    On an access form i want to show the images from a image object on the form that is connected to a combo box.

                 Image2.picture = Sharepointsite Me.combobox1.(Column3).value .jpg
    the code is an example of what i want.

    I would like to have the path once and then use the combobox to set the filename and then the .jpg could be hard coded. As all files are in the same location and only filename changes it would hopefully stop errors if a long path didnt have to be entered in every time a new photo was added.

    Any help is appreciated

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    I am not familiar with SharePoint, however, an image file path can be constructed with concatenation.

    "folder path\" & Me.combobox1.Column(3) & ".jpg"

    Expression can be placed in Image control ControlSource property and no VBA should be necessary - just remove the Me. prefix.
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    I think there is a way to change the sharepoint site address to a network location.

    Thanks for your help

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