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    Use Access front end and SharePoint lists with a Mac

    My small organization currently has Access tables converted to SharePoint lists, and a Front End with the queries, reports, forms, etc. to be downloaded to the computers of our users.
    We have Office 365 for Business as our software.
    Now we see that this arrangement does not work for our few Mac users.

    Can you give me some suggestions about our options as to how we might make our Access dbs available to the Mac users as well?


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    Not my area of expertise, but the Mac users have a version of Windows and Office on those machines? I believe that is a requirement. Not sure if you're asking how to run Access on a Mac or replace it with something else. I also seem to recall reading that Office 365 (on line version where you need an account) doesn't work on Mac at all.
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    I'm no expert but believe you can put a virtual machine on a mac and install the windows OS and MS office there.

    Another alternative is to subscribe to a terminal server service and install your files on that. Then any user can access it via remote desktop from any machine that uses remote desktop (mac's do). This is the route some of my clients have gone down because of this and other benefits around performance and access from anywhere. However not sure whether terminal server will support sharepoint lists

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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