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    Data Editing is Chaotic. Cursor accuracy has gone wrong and it feels like a keyboard problem

    Hi All

    I've just created a very simple little database using text fields for capturing report items. There is a simple query to join some dropdown items etc. When I try to edit the information, which was added to a table through a form, it gets muddled. The cursor won't separate characters for inserting or deleting at it simply messes thing up!

    I've never come across this before. I thought it may be a (wireless) keyboard induced problem, but have tried on another machine and the same happens with the on-board keyboard!
    (Pretty chaotic stuff)

    This is wierd!
    Please somebody help !


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    Check whether you have an open form with a timer event. That often causes symptoms where the cursor behaves erratically / chaotically in the VBE
    If that is the case, close the form or disable the time event whilst in the VBE
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    yes, my wireless keyboard does this too.
    check /replace the batteries.
    mine also had a problem with the USB wireless transmitter. I swapped it and it all worked.

    if not wireless check for TIMER on a form. Sometimes the timer will interrupt the user typing and mess it up.

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