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    Where Clause For Opening Forms

    I'm having a hell of a time creating this code.

    I want to open a form to a specific record by clicking on the ID (click event on the textbox) of a record located in a subform of a currently opened form. The subform is in datasheet view (in case that matters)

    There is an ID in the subform in a text box...txtSubID and I'll be matching it up with the ID in text box txtFormToOpenID.

    I'm struggling with how to write the where statement in the DoCmd. Does the subform go first in quotes? Or does the one I want to open go first? Which should be in quotes and which should not?

    And Should I be using the control source name or the text box object name...or both?

    I'm losing my mind over here. I've found a lot of info on the internet but it doesn't work when I try the code.

    I had it set up but using a command button wizard to set it up and then copied the macro to the click event of the textbox on the subform. It worked for a few days and then tanked out on me.

    I then tried doing the same with a commend button again and converting the macro to code, but that didn't work either.

    Thanks very much.

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    The Where is like a WHERE clause just without the where
    So something along the line sof
    "ID = " & Me.ID

    where ID is the field in the table and ID is also the control on the form. As the ID is *generally* numeric, no quotes are required

    Here is one of mine
    DoCmd.OpenForm "frmSubmitterClient", , , "ClientID = " & Me.ClientID, , acDialog, Me.ClientID
    I was also using OpenArgs (last parameter) to determine a new record required or not?
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    In the Click (I suggest you use the DoubleClick event as the Click one is to easy to trigger by accident) of the txtSubID on the subform add:
    Docmd.OpenForm "frmYourFOrmToOPen",,,"[NameOfFieldThatISControlSourceFor_txtFormToOpenID]=" & Me.txtSubID 'assumes ID is numeric;if text you need to wrap it in singe quotes
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    Awesome. Thank you. It worked brilliantly. So name of control field in form to open and then name of the actual control in the current form? There's smoke coming out of my ears.

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