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    Display onhandqty on form

    Dear All,

    I have created a inventory database with all the tables and form completed, however i have trouble displaying the onhandqty on the form.

    my idea would be once i selected the product category on the form, it will automatically show me the onhandqty balance on my issue form so that it will prevent me form issuing materials more than what i instore. I have attached my sample database above. Any help is appreciate!! thank you all. Sample

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    Generally you just sum, what comes in and what goes out?
    What goes out is generally a negative value?
    Amounts should be in the same field, so a simple sum works. DSum() perhaps ?

    Edit: I managed to open your DB, but could not see what form you are talking about.
    Your structure looks highly incorrect?, what is the number of stores increases to 10, 20, 30?

    You should have one table for each and a field to indicate which store.?
    You would not have a table for each product?, the same applies to stores.

    Also generally you should not store anything you can calculate on the fly, like Total amount

    So in your case in the state the DB is in at the moment, use Dsum() to get QuantityReceived and IssueQuantity for a product (no naming consistency here?) and subtract one from the other. Not sure if you should also deduct RejectedQuantity as well?
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    thanks all

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