On my Access form I have a button that I'm running the below code with which opens a password protected Excel file and runs the macro inside it. The code works however its opening it and updating it as Read Only so when its finished it will not let me save the Excel file unless i save it as a new file. I just need it to not open up as Read Only. I've played around with different combinations of the true/false but to no avail.

Private Sub cmdRTG_Click()

  Dim xl As Object, wb As Object
    Const MODULE_NAME As String = "Module1" 
    Const PROC_NAME As String = "RTG_Macro" 
    Dim xlMacro As String
    Set xl = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
    xl.Visible = True
    Set wb = xl.Workbooks.Open("FilePathNameHere" & "\" & "ReturnToGreen.xlsm", False, True, Password:="homeroom")
    ' builds the string to send to Excel.Run method:
    xlMacro = wb.Name & "!" & MODULE_NAME & "." & PROC_NAME
    ' call the macro in Excel
    xl.Run xlMacro
    Set xl = Nothing

End Sub