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    how to use GetMonths360 function in different query with different date fields

    I am using the following function and it is working! Now, I need to use it in another query for two different date fields TerminationDate and PeriodToDate. I tried to copy it and call it GetMonths360A and change the date fields, but it seemed to mess up the original function/query so I am asking for advice on how to accomplish this. Thanks.

    Public Function GetMonths360(TimesheetDate As Date, ReleaseDate As Date)
    GetMonths360 = ((Year([TimesheetDate]) - Year([ReleaseDate])) - 1) * 360 + ((12 - Month([ReleaseDate])) * 30) + (30 - Day([ReleaseDate])) + ((Month([TimesheetDate]) - 1) * 30) + (Day([TimesheetDate]))
    GetMonths360 = -Int(-GetMonths360 / 30)
    End Function

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    is this the same issue as you posted here?

    You should have continued the same thread - then those that have already responded would likely get an email and might come back to help. This way, they may not see it at all. Besides, it's really the same problem.
    - "doesn't work" doesn't help. Implement changes in copies of your database.
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    When you call it you pass it two dates. It doesn't care what fields those dates are from, it will make its calculation. Have you tried calling it:

    GetMonths360(TerminationDate, PeriodToDate)

    In any case, creating a new function with a different name shouldn't affect the first one at all.
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    Micron, In other threads when someone asks a new question, I've seen responses where it says it should be a new post. Since it is a slightly different question, I used new post. I was hoping those that responded would see it, so I will try that in the future.
    Pbaldy, I will try calling it.
    Thanks to both of you

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