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    MS Access can not remember an Azure SQL login

    Hi, I'm stuck with the following problem.
    I want to connect a MS Access front-end to a Azure SQL backend. This works, but the user will get a popup to fill in the username and password at all times. I do not want to bother the user with this technical stuff. I insert the username and password with the connection string. If I use an ADO connection this works, but if I do a similar thing with a linked table it doesn't. After the user fills in the password it will remember it for the duration of the session. When he reopens the front end he has to manually login again.

    My connection string looks like this:

    Driver={ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server};;D atabase=MyDatabase;User Id=myusername;Password=mypassword;Encrypt=yes;Trus tServerCertificate=no;Connection Timeout=30;

    Anybody has any hint for me?

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    Hi, I had some similar trouble in the past connecting Access to a regular SQL server, not Azure, and solved it by making the connection through a file dsn that was copied to each front end PC. However, this was some years ago. It has been a while since we used Access as a professional tool, mainly because everything was moved to the cloud and SAP.

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    Can you try to recreate the link and make sure you check the box for Save Password (refreshing the link won't work as that does not expose the checkbox)?
    Vlad Cucinschi
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