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    Recordset to Word Document

    Hi Guy's i am trying to output the results of a recordset to a word doc, i haven't put all of the code on because the recordset does return the data by viewing on a msgbox, the error i am getting that there is no document open ? (Run time error 2428 the command is not available because no document is open)

    However, an instance of word is open and minimised to task bar but no document

    I am not wanting to save the output, just grab data then close it

    rsBody is String

    rsBody = rsBody & rs.Fields("Date") & " " & rs.Fields("Name") & vbnewline


    Set oWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")
    oWord.Visible = True
    oWord.ActiveDocument.Paragraphs(12).Range.Text = rsBody


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    Why don't you use Word's Mail Merge with your Access table/query as source, which is designed exactly to do what you are describing?

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