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    Novice advice

    Looking for a little guidance. I'm attempting to make a simple database in Access and have zero experience in DB design or creation. I'm attempting to make a small database for recipes to run from a tablet in our kitchen. My idea is to have the main form have photos of each dish in the database (it will not be many recipes until I get it up and running). When the user clicks on the photo a form will open with a photo of the dish selected, the recipe, and each kitchen item (bowls, utensils, pots/pans, etc) that will be needed to complete the dish.

    I'm having some trouble setting up tables/queries to accomplish the last part.

    My plan was to have a table with all of the kitchen tools listed in it with their photo and name. On each recipe in the recipe table, there would need to be some sort of field to designate which kitchen tools should be listed and a query to fetch that information from the tools table.

    I'm not looking for anything except guidance, suggestions, etc. I'll hack away until I figure it out eventually, but figured if someone could point me in the right direction that would be helpful.

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    You will need a table to list all of the kitchen tools. Perhaps called tblTools.

    Another table, perhaps called tblToolsUsed with two fields. One field to store the Recipe Primary Key value and another field to store the Primary Key value. You would have one record for each tool used in each recipe. These records would be shown in a Sub Form on the main Recipe form.

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    Minimum tables you need will be like:
    tblDishes: DishID, DishName, DishPictureLink;
    tblProducts: ProductID, ProductName;
    tblIUtilities: UtilityID, UtilityName, UtilityPictureLink;
    tblProdUnits: ProdUnit, UnitText
    tblRecipeProducts: RecipeProductID, DishID, ProductID, ProdUnit, ProdQty;
    tblRecipeActions: RecipeActionID, DishID, ActionNo, ActionText;
    tblRecipeUtilities: RecipeUtilityID, DishID, UtilitiYID.

    The bad news for you is, that possibility to use pictures for making selections is limited in Access AFAIK. As much as I know Access doesn't have Image Combo Box. This leaves you with 2 possible ways.
    a) You have a form with buttons for every dish, and clicking on button opens a form with selected dish info displayed. A downside is, that whenever you add a new dish, you have to design your app anew. And it will work for really low number of dishes - image a form with 100 buttons on it!
    b) On unbound form, you have a tab control with several pages. On leftmost page, you have a continuous form for dishes, with dish image displayed in one of controls of form. This form is used to enter and edit your dishes, but also as navigation form for your app (you don't have to click on picture control, but you can select the record based on picture displayed there). Whenever you select a row in this form, a text box in unbound main form is updated with DishID value from dishes form. You then have continuous subforms for recipe products, recipe actions, and recipe utilities either on separate pages of tab control, or beneath of dishes form on same tab. And for those subforms you set text box on main form as LinkMasterFields property, and 'DishID' as LinkChildFields property for every subform - linking all 3 subforms with dishes form.
    On aditional pages of tab control, you'll have forms where you can register products, items, and units.

    I don't see any possibility to have utilities pictures used for selecting an utility in dish utilities subform. You have to use old good combo for this. Of-course, once you selected an utility, the picture of selected utility can be displayed.

    NB! Don't insert any pictures into your database - have pictures saved somewhere and in app store links to those picture files instead.

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