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    Personnel Attendance Duty Tracker on Sharepoint

    I have attached a local table copy, but the real thing is 2700 records and 31 days each month on SharePoint. Currently a supervisor logs in and updates the column that I open up in the Default SharePoint view every evening for that following day. I then have several other reports and queries, each needing to be edited every single day for the day we are on...

    IE; today is the 10th, but tomorrow the column I need to look at is going to be the 11th.

    I want to start over, and create something similar with the same data available, but where I do nothave to change every query/report to run it. If I want to take the day off, Ihave to prep a new DB for someone the next day so they can print reports forthe boss. If I want to take 5 days off, I have to create 5 DBs.
    This was originally a temporary solution and now it lookspermanent so I really need to make this more novice friendly, not that I am anexpert, but I couldn’t ask any random person to manage this for a week or more.


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    and sorry for the constant runonwords in the previous post. It was autosaving every single keystroke and I spent 15 minutes editing trying to remove those but apparently a few remained.. ;-)

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    no body with nuffin? dang

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    Well, first I want to say I know nothing about Sharepoint. I have never even tried to create a Sharepoint list.

    Looking at the Access dB you posted, there are a few issues that should be addressed.

    1) "Name" is a reserved word in Access and shouldn't be used for object names.
    2) There are spaces in object names
    3) There are object names that begin with a number. The Access Gnomes get cranky when this happens.
    4) Some field names begin with the underscore. (Questionalble)
    5) There are punctuation/special characters in object names
    6) There are Look up FIELDS in the table. (The evils of Lookup fields)
    7) The table is not normalized. It the fields 1st - 11th (and maybe to 31st) are days of the month, they should be in their own table.
    8) Not so much of an issue, but "ID" is a terrible name foe a field.
    9) The "Name" field really should be split into "FirstName" and "Surname" (LastName). It is easier to sort by Surname, FirstName and it is easy to join "FirstName" and "Surname" when needed/required.

    This is just my take on the dB you posted. I can kinda see where you could be headed (in Access) - just not so much on how to do it in Sharepoint.
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