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    Multi-User Sharepoint 365 HELP


    this has most likely already been answered so if it has please point me in the right direction.....

    I have recently upgraded to Office 365. The full business has. Before we had an Access Database which wasn't split but was multi user. We relied on this for a lot of stuff.

    However!! Now all my files are stored in OneDrive and my Shared Drives on the server are now accessed from Sharepoint. The problem is now when we open up the database it wants to store a copy from each user and it doesn't save to the original file.

    Can anyone help?



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    As you have discovered, access doesn't work on onedrive and similar. And if multi user the database must be split, back end on a server and a copy of the front end on each users machine. If you have not had problems in the past, you've been lucky.

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