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    Modern Pareto Chart "You cant asign a value to this oblect error"

    I have started to update some existing reports, replacing the older hideous looking charts with the modern versions post 2016 and I've just been through three hours of non productive frustration.

    I have a simple query feeding a chart that works fine on the old versions. I can create the chart OK but I'm unable to get the bars to run in Pareto sequence. As soon as I attempt to sort the query in descending order I get

    " You can't assign a value to this object"

    Any ideas on how to resolve this would be much appreciated.



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    what object?
    queries dont have objects. Is the q uery trying to grab a field on a form?

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    Query worked and able to get Pareto output with MSGraph chart?

    Post the query SQL statement.

    In what way are Modern Charts less hideous?

    I found a possible solution in

    One commenter asked: How can I define the sort order? I tried to change the order on the query but it didn't work.
    And then self-answered: [Edit] Found it like 30 seconds after posting my question. I changed the value axis to none instead of sum and worked nicely.
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    As an experienced user of Access for over 20 years, I would agree that many people find charting in Access difficult.
    However although modern charts are superficially more user friendly to create, the end result looks almost identical to the older charts.
    Furthermore the modern charts have fewer options and overall are less powerful.
    Any users running Access 2013 or earlier will have an empty space where a modern chart should be.
    Overall, they are very much a mixed blessing!
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    Thank you for you comments, I'm still pulling what little hair I have left out.

    I have attached a small database with the graph on a form, this is where I am at. If anybody can see how I can get the sort order to pareto correctly from here I will be much obliged


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