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    How To Know What Type A Variable Should Be

    I have inherited a database from someone, and they did not have
    Option Explicit
    at the top of the editor. I have since added it and have declared all the missing variables, but I have a question about one. I think this one should be declared as String - but wanted to ask. It is importing an Excel File into an access table should selectedFile be declared as String? Is there a way to tell what the variable type should be from the VBE?

    Function Import()
    Dim f As Object
    Dim I As Integer
    Dim ir As String: ir = "A1: Z100"
    Set f = Application.FileDialog(3)
    With f
      .AllowMultiSelect = False
      .Title = "Pick File"
      .Filters.Add "Excel Files", "*.xlsx"
      If .Show = True Then
        For I = 1 To f.SelectedItems.Count
          selectedfile = f.SelectedItems(i)
      '....more code here
    End Function
    What should selectedfile be declared as?

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    Your code is very similar to the code I use to pick files. In my code, the Path and file name is returned as a string.

    So I would delcare "selectedFile" as a string

    Dim selectedFile As String
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    f is the file dialog object.
    .selecteditems is a collection, which is an object.
    .selectedItems(i) is one specific member of that collection, which is the path to the file, which AFAIK is text.
    However, list item variables are always(?) declared as variants.

    I would guess that String would be what you want because the collection list is text based.

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