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    VBA Code Disappearing

    15+ year MS Access developer with multiple enterprise-level deployed applications.

    1. I have a stable Windows 10-Access 2016 database with front end-back end split.
    2. Working in development front end located on C: drive.
    3. Adding new sub to a new form. (Private Sub Form_Load, no code, just the framework)
    4. Debug > Compile.
    5. Sub disappears.


    1. Compact on Close off.
    2. Perform name AutoCorrect off.
    3. In Module View.
    4. Imported all objects into a fresh database file.
    5. Saved form to a new name.
    6. Deleted form, created brand new form, typed sub in (did not copy).
    7. No "hidden" objects persisting from prior/deleted versions of the form.
    8. There is no violation of max file size (19 MB), object count, etc.

    I've seen Access do some truly stupid sh*t (Query '' corrupt 3340 anyone?) but this has me completely stumped.

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    OMFG You're Joking ...

    Solution found.




    Are you kidding me Microsoft?

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    Next time it happens, try each of the following
    a) Decompile
    b) Check for available connections
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    VBA Code Disappearing

    Quote Originally Posted by isladogs View Post
    Next time it happens, try each of the following
    a) Decompile
    b) Check for available connections
    Empty Subs will be removed by compiler. Add a Rem line in the middle like: 'x or simply ' symbol alone.

    Or enable the Form_Load Event from Class Object llike: frm.OnLoad = "[Event Procedure]" from Class Object Subroutine.

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