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    Select Query to Correlate Data

    Hey everyone,

    I am currently working with a large data set and am trying to correlate data. In this instance the data is all in the same table. I'd like to query the data for partial matching data. The problem I am having is how the data is formatted in the table. I am querying on IP address. The addresses areIn a table formatted below, how would I write a query to return all results that have matching data? Would it be possible to us a wild card and catch a larger subnet (ie 192.168*)?

    Some cells are delimited by semi-colons and contain multiple addresses like this:;;;;
    Some cells only contain one address

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    think you will need a vba function to use in a query so the query could be quite slow for large datasets

    would be significantly faster if you could normalise your data to one IP per row

    for a vba function, see post #30 of this link which contains a small db looking for words in a phrase. Uou would need to substitute the space of a semi colon and probably remove the last semi colon

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