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    Don't understand the error message

    I have a field in a table called Production Transition. The record in that field is either a date (1-1-19) or the letters NA or the word Currently. When I set up my query for this field I set the criteria for this field as Not "NA" and Not "Currently" as I don't want those to appear in the resulting spreadsheet. When I run the query all is good and only the dates remain. However, when I try to sort the remaining dates I am told:

    "Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression "Production Transition'.

    Have played with this for hours and can't figure out what the heck the issue is!

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    I would not mix dates and text in same field.

    A date value in text field will likely not sort as expected. 12-1-19 will sort before 9-1-19. Data would have to include placeholder zeros. 09-01-19 will sort before 12-01-19. Or use Format function to restructure.

    Format([Production Transition], "mm/dd/yyyy")

    Post the attempted query statement.
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    There's also a function you could look at: IsDate([Production Transition])

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    if you can store the values as numbers you can use the format property

    in case you don't know, dates are numbers so today is 43749 (number of days since 31/12/1899)

    so if 'currently' can be represented with a 0 and 'N/A' with a -1 you could use a format property like this


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    issue would be data entry- user would need to know to enter -1 or 0 but if this is not a data entry field, should work for you. Benefit is your data will sort properly and can be used for query joins, criteria and easier calculations

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