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Automate Toggle Buttons

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    Automate Toggle Buttons

    I have 2 sets; set as a field, of toggle buttons. I also have these buttons to change color once it has been 'pressed'/selected. Set1: Yes/No (value is 1 & 0; respectively) Set2: High, Med-High, Med, Med-Low, Low & N/A (values 5,4,3,2,1,0; respectively). I would like to automate: if 'Med'; or any other button from High to Low, has been 'pressed'/selected to auto 'press'/select the 'Yes' button; which is a value of 1. I've tried: iif([Set2]>0,[Set1]="1", [Set1]="0"), it didn't work. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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    Is this the same request??

    If so, why a second new post?
    "it didn't work" doesn't help readers. What didn't work --error???

    Did you consider June's response?
    Have you reviewed Event procedures?
    Can you post a graphic of the Form involved?
    Or some description of the process you're trying to automate..

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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