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    Programming help

    HI all.

    is there anyone on this forum in the Mississauga (Toronto) area that would be available to help me with my speed issue ? I need someone with programming experience as I'm pretty sure my issue is with the FE/BE communication of my data and not with the network or computers themselves.

    If there is anyone that does this sort of consulting work please reach out to me directly at


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    fishhead, if you are using a front end/back end. Try copying the front end to the user's PC, not a shortcut, the entire front end. I don't know the reason why it happens but when a front end is actually on the user's computer hard drive it should run more quickly.

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    When back-end is physically in same LAN, do as rpeare adviced.

    When back-end (BE) is in some remote location, connected e.g. through VPN, then better solution is to have Terminal Server (TS) in same location as BE - with Access installed. Every user has a profile in TS with Front End in user profile, connects to TS using Remote Desktop Connection, and starts App from there. And same setup is preferable when some users are always or occasionally working remotely.

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