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    Sorting data in a report

    Ok - I have been dealing with this problem for a while. I need someone to help me.

    I have grade information for students in a table. Each Term and class has it's own record.

    ex. ID Term Teacher Room Grade
    11525 1 Smith 121 B
    11525 2 Jones 120 A
    11525 3 Siler 111 B

    I need a report to print out for each teacher that will tell that teacher where to send his kids the next term.

    So the report has to be sorted by term (1,2,3,etc) teacher but then show the next term information.

    EX. Term 2 Jones
    Jon Beck Smith Term 3
    Jance N Owens Term 3

    I also need a report to print out for each teacher their current list of kids and all their past data. I can print current rosters for teachers with no problem, but the problem comes when I want to see a students data for every Term, not just the current one.

    If anyone wants to tackle this one I'd sure appreciate it. i'm really stuck.

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    Dear Rjsiler,

    Do you still have the problem and need help ??

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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