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    Hi Steve,

    thanks for the response im trying to find my way around access and think i need to learn more.

    couple of things

    how to do i fix the misdirection I set up?

    if you had time could you do what you suggested and zip it back up

    like i offered previously i think seeing it done and figuring it out would help me learn faster - id be happy to donate via paypal for the time spent

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    Hi - I think i fixed gthe relationship using the source button and the builder- just dont really understand what you mean about the juntion table. still like a guru to llok at it!

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    I suggest you give a brief description of the requirement based on your "re-engineered" approach. As I often advise -don't jump too quickly into physical Access/database. It seems there is a lot less detail involved than what you mentioned early on. I saw references to Product and Order earlier, but don't see that in your tables.

    You need a plan with some sample required outputs. Make sure you have the data necessary for those outputs/questions. Some test data and test scenarios will allow you to "test" your proposed set up while still resident on paper. Once your model satisfies your requirement, you can use that as a blueprint for your database.

    Do your analysis and design before getting too focused on physical Access. As one colleague suggests "if you can't do it on paper, you can't do it with Access".

    Good luck with your project.

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