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    ADO VBA and Azure SQL Server


    first I want to say that, I'm very new with Azure and Sql server.
    second, I have an VBA ADO code with a simple select query from an Azure SQL SERVER db.

    On my main PC (the PC with my SSMS that i use to contacat the sql server) the code works perfect, but on any other PC (I used the same file in the same IP newwork) I get an error message: "Micosoft ODBC driver manager - Data source name not found and no default driver specified"

    I thought that this is an IP rule so i added in the azure portal a firewall rule with to just to test and still no luck.
    this is the connection string I'm useing in my ADO, maybe this is the problem ?

    Private Function GetSqlServerConnectionString() As String
    GetSqlServerConnectionString = "Driver={SQL Server Native Client 11.0};" _
                                & ",1433;" _
                                & "Database=xxxxx;" _
                                & "Uid=xxxxxxx;" _
                                & "Pwd={xxxxxxxx};" _
                                & "Encrypt=yes;" _
                                & "Connection Timeout=30;"
    End Function

    Does anyone have any idea about this issue ?

    thank you !!

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    Possibly the connection string - have a read here :

    Provider=SQLNCLI11;Password=myPassword;User ID=[username]@[servername];
    Initial Catalog
    =databasename;Data Source=tcp:[servername];
    DLookup Syntax and others
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    Thank you for your answer.

    I tried to change my connection string with yours but still the same issue, its working only with one PC.

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