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    Linking access to sql server express

    I need to link server to sql tables from access 2016. I've created an access table containing all table names to link. Sql server has a password. I need something to read from that table and automatically link. Any idea? Thanks for your help

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    I'm unclear whether you want to link tables already in SQL Server to an Access FE or export your Access tables to SQL Server

    For the first of these, you either need to setup an ODBC connection or use a DSN-less connection string.
    The first is easier but needs to be done on each workstation running the FE.
    The second method is more challenging for a new user but only needs to be done once.

    There are plenty of good tutorials online for each method. Do a forum search or Google search.

    For the latter (export to SQL), use the tools built into SSMS to import the tables from Access
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