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    Using Access to Split Lots into Eaches - Searching all over and cannot find.

    To create an On Time Delivery Report, I need to look at multiple dates (Promised Date, Put into Stock Date, Actual Ship Date).

    However, to compare these together, I'm challenged by quantities. We might promise 3 on one day, build 2 and only ship 1.

    In order to manage this, I believe i need to split every date into a Qty of 1 - repeating the same data for the total roll up.

    Is there a function, or workaround that would allow me to repeat each item until it totals the full quantity?

    For example: 4 Widgets for Customer A shipped 1/15 would become:

    1, Widget, A, 1/15
    1, Widget, A, 1/15
    1, Widget, A, 1/15
    1, Widget, A, 1/15

    This lets me compare each individual item against promise, inventory and actual in order.

    I have 100's of these per month, so I can't do it manually. I've searched high and low for an answer and can't seem to find anyone with a similar problem and would greatly appreciate the help.

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    Here is a link to Database Design and Planning info that may be useful to you.
    You have to start with a clear and complete description of your business.

    There is no magic technique. It's analysis and design of the business requirement(s).

    If you spend 30-60 minutes working through 1 or 2 of the tutorials from RogersAccessLibrary mentioned in the link, you will experience a process applicable to your situation.

    Do not use a naming system that allows embedded spaces in field/object names with Access! It will lead to syntax errors.

    Good luck with your project.

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