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    I can't create a drop-down list box

    I'm working in Access 2003, and I'm trying to create a drop-down list box. The instructions in help and all the tutorials say that from the toolbox, you can choose list box, combo box, or drop-down list box, but I only see the list box and combo box options--no option for a drop-down list. Any help?

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    If you go to the design view and type in the field name, at the bottom of the page, you can look at the General and Lookup properties. In the Lookup tab under display control, you can select combo box and that should give you your drop down box.

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    Drop down list

    Great answer..I was having the same problem and am new to Access.

    Now that I've created the combo box, how do I get the info (I want) into the drop down list?

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    Hope this helps

    If you delete the field on your form, you can add a combo box back to it using the toolbox. This is the same thing as a drop down menu. When you add a new combo box to a form, a wizard will pop up and ask you where you want to take the values from. If you have just a couple of values, choose the second option, which is "I will type in the values that I want". If you have many, you will want to create a table to store the possible values, then when you are going through the wizard, choose the first options, which is "I want the combo box to look up the values in a table or query".

    After this step, you will get a step where you need to tell the combo box where to store the value that you select. You will want to choose the field that the previous field (the one that you recently deleted) was bound to.

    James C.
    EDI Analyst

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    James, I'm using Access 2003 and for some reason we don;t seem to have access to the Testbox toolbar (it's greyed out).

    But I was able to figure it out based on some of your comments here.

    So thanks.

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