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    An unanswered post...?

    A few days ago I posted a question in the queries forum section entitled, "Total bar in a Crosstab query." I see that 38-members viewed my post, yet no replies. I'm wondering: A) no member has an answer to my post/question B) my post/question is too stupid to answer (and please, I'm not at all trying to be sarcastic here C) or...?

    I've been coming/posting on this site for many years. I practically taught myself the basics of Access via tons of help from many of the other members here, but I don't believe I ever posted without any member replying back to me.

    My post is located at:

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    I never reply to crosstab query posts because I've never created a crosstab query and don't know what the Total Bar is.

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    I'd say none of the above. No question is too stupid, someone generally at least asks for clarification, and sometimes I wonder how this site generates the "New Post" lists as sometimes I'll see many in the list. I answer a post and go back to the list and it's a lot shorter. Might have something to do with rolling over midnight; I don't know. As for your other post, I can say I was away for several days and didn't see it.

    I think what you're supposed to do in these cases is add your own response to bring it back into the current list. I'd also add a post title (not to be confused with the question itself), bringing the lack of responses into focus in a polite way. I'd suggest closing this thread soon as I'm sure any answers to the first post will be found there and not here.
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    I suspect the answer is A, it's certainly not B. I saw the question, and have used crosstab queries, but haven't used the total bar so not sure what you mean.
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    And I completely missed the thread until read this one.
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    CrossTab stuff gives me the creeps. I have done some but always seem to just muddle though till I see the output I want

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