I have an Access report. At the "onFormat" event I want to change the "height" of an element.
There is a line around this element (a box), so I check for the change of size.
So I tried:
Me.myElement.Height = 5
And this does work. I get a line (i don't even see the data).
But when I actually try to make the height very large for example 50, the maximum the box will grow on is whather space the text take.

How can I fix that ? Is there something I am doing wrong ?

The reason why I am trying to do this:
I have different info in my report
For example:
Info 1, Info 2, Info 3... and so on
When I generate my report each one of them is surrouned by a box (ie, border = solid).

Info 3 is a bit like a memo.
My problem right now is that the box around info 1 is not equal to the box around info 2 or info 3... I want to have all the boxes size to be equal to the largest.
So that's why I have to know how to set the height programatically so that when the report is generated it sets the heigh of the boxes to the height of the "tallest" box.
But if you have a way around let me know please !

thanks !