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    Print Preview 'Header' Only on Frist Page of 14 page Report Access 2010

    I am running a report that has 14 pages. In the Print View I see all 14 pages with header view, data, and footer. BUT the header is on viewed on the first page of the total report only. I have of the second and subsequent pages the item headers, i.e. name, phone number, email, etc., page numbers, date of report. BUT no Header on pages 2-14. Can anyone help? Please.

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    In design view of the report, do you see "Report Header" section and a "Page Header" section?

    The "Report Header" section is only the first page.
    The "Page Header" section will display on every page.
    I don't think you have the "Page Header" section visible.

    In design view, right click anywhere in the report and look for "Page header/Footer" in the dialog box.
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