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    On Current Event Question

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a form that has 2 memo fields for notes. I have been able to add a text box underneath the first field that counts the amount of characters used. I am trying to achieve this with the 2nd field. I am relatively new to using code and am unsure how to correctly add this to the On Current even of the form. The current code I have is:

    Private Sub Form_Current()
    'Used in the On Current event of the form
    'to display character count when scrolling
    'through each record
        If Not IsNull(Me.IssueDetail.Text) Then
                Me.txtCharsUsed = Len(Me.IssueDetail.Text) & _
                " characters used in these notes."
                Me.IssueDetail = 0
        End If
        End Sub
    My second set of fields are named Notes (instead of IssueDetail) and txtCharsUsed2 (instead of txtCharsUsed). How would this be entered into this event with basically copying what I have above and subbing the appropriate field names without causing errors?

    Thank you!

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    You don't really need all that, this should work (you can add back the line continuations if desired):

    Me.txtCharsUsed = Len(Me.IssueDetail & vbNullString) & " characters used in these notes."

    Change the two in red for your other controls.
    Paul (wino moderator)
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    You could also count the number of characters as they type with "Me!chars = Len(Me!Text0.Text)" in the textbox's OnChange event.

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