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    Need advice on second DB linking

    Greetings, i have two database's, one for production tracking and one for maintenance request and tracking. I have been requested to add a maintenance request form to my production database so that the operators can enter maintenance request for their equipment. This would require one table from the maintenance database being linked to the operators production database FE but i already have some issues with my old network so I'm leery of this having never done it. Will a FE see any difference in performance being linked to two BE's rather than one? My thought if it was possible would be to continue being linked to one BE for production and use an unbound entry form for the maintenance request that upon submitting the request would link to the second database, save the record and then close the link. I know i can do the first two parts, linking and saving but closing the link so that it does not continue to affect performance I'm not familiar with.

    Any thoughts, ideals, direction and examples would be appreciated. Thanks

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    What I do is create a table in the FE that lists all of the Table names and their respective DB name.

    With this, I can programmatically recreate all of the linked tables. Now, to your question. What you want to make sure and do is to maintain and persist a connection to the BE files from the FE. You want to do this when the User is working on and connecting to via a LAN. I will use a Main Menu form that is bound to a small table in the backend. This form will remain open for the entire time the FE file is open. In the case where a user may work with one of the BE files once or twice a day, you may want to persist a connection for those occasions, only.

    When you are developing and making changes to an FE, work by connecting to a local copy of the BE files. This is where the list of table names come in handy.

    What all of this is doing is helping with the performance while the Users interact and you develop.

    Here is a small portion of code I use to reestablish a connection. When connecting to SQL server, it would be a little different.

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    It is just my opinion because I have not done it yet, but I can think of no reason performance should be impacted because you are linked to two back ends. Actually I have to take that back, I create a separate db for temp tables to avoid any bloat and just kill the temp db when I'm done.
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    Thanks guys, I'll start playing with these ideals and see what I can come up with. If you think of more direction please let me know.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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