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    Not exists

    Hello SQL Forum,

    I've written a query that bulk inserts some data into a temp table then imports new records into an existing table using NOT EXISTS. My query is as follows:

    Create table #StagingForAccUpdates
    ISOWk bigint,
    SurrID bigint,
    CustName nvarchar(200),
    CustNum numeric(10,0),
    StartDate date,
    CustType nvarchar(50),
    PaymentTerms nvarchar(10),
    PayTermsType nvarchar(1),
    WeeklyCreditLimit nvarchar(20),
    Segment nvarchar(50),
    Book nvarchar(20),
    AccStatus nvarchar(50)
    BULK INSERT    #StagingForAccUpdates FROM 'Z:\MyFolder\MyFile.txt' WITH (FIELDTERMINATOR = '\t', ROWTERMINATOR = '\n', FIRSTROW = 2)
    INSERT INTO tblCustomerAccounts(SurrID, CustomerType_ID, AccountNumber, CompanyName, StartDate)
    SELECT SurrID, CT.ID, CustNum, CustName, StartDate
    FROM #StagingForAccUpdates ST
    JOIN tblCustomerTypes CT
    ON ST.CustType = CT.CustomerType
                        SELECT *
                        FROM tblCustomerAccounts CA
                        WHERE CA.SurrID = ST.SurrID
    When I ran the script some new records were imported (as expected) but 4 remain. To validate the SurrIDs, I put the values into a spreadsheet and was able to VLOOKUP and identify the IDs in question.

    Is there a specific reason why these few rows might not get identified using the method outlined above?

    Many thanks

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    Hi, I think it would be simpler and work better if you use an outer join thereand test for null values.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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