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    Calculating turnaround time on workdays

    We run a database that tracks turnaround time on medical applications. In addition to keeping track of patient information, it generates a report that shows turn around time for getting applications to nurses, requesting medical records, how long it takes our records department to return them, and how many days it takes to send applications to the field office. I've attached a pdf that shows roughly how the query tracks this info (sorry about the formatting, it is all in line, but broke it into multiple pages).

    The problem: Often we send requests for records on fridays and they arent filled till monday. this skews our statistics pretty heavily. Given how the data is collected in the query, would there be an easy way to tell it to count weekends as 0 days? Thanks in advance for any help!

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    There is no attachment. There are custom functions around if you also want to incorporate holidays, or things like this for weekdays:
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