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Damaged mdb 2010 file gives strange error message

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    Damaged mdb 2010 file gives strange error message

    A damaged MDB file gives this message when i try to open it:

    "The Microsoft jet database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time."
    The message is obviously wrong, no other user is attempting nothing.
    I really want to repair this database as it contains customers data.
    Please tell me if and how can i repair this file.
    file Format - Access 2010.

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    You may find the following link of interest:
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    Not everyone can access an accdb, you may reach a broader audience by attaching in mdb format.

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    Is there an ldb file in the db folder?
    If so, can you use it to identify the user or computer who may have a lock on it (even though they might not be using the db)? Does this user have a hung up instance of Access running on their pc (check Task Manager).
    Can you copy the db to another location (local drive) and open it from there? If so, you know the db is not corrupted and the foregoing may apply. A network admin may be able to kill the ldb file if it comes down to that.

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