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    Need Guidance On 2 Table Designs, Relationships & Lookups

    Hello All..

    I am new to Access 2013 and have a question regarding linking 2 tables together.

    I have a table called 'TEAMS' that stores team information from different professional sport leagues (ie. NHL, MLB, NBA etc). Therefore there will be multiple records that have the same team name (ie. TORONTO) but the Sport League column value (ie. "NHL") will identify which sport those teams will be associated to.
    More importantly, there is a 'Team Identifier' column which is considered the unique identifier as this value will never be duplicated in any row of records.

    I have a second table called "SPORT SCORES" that stores the history of each game of each of the proessional sport leagues. Within it, I want it to contain the 'Home Team' and 'Visitor Team' with their respected 'Team Identier' values. The "Home Team" and "Visitor Team' drop down list in a form should display the values that are in the TEAMS table and in addition to that should be filtered based on the Sport League column that is selected on the form.

    I need to know first how do I link (Relationships) the TEAMS and SPORT SCORES tables together as I am thinking that I need 2 connections considering that I am looking up both the Home Team and Visitor Team from the SPORT SCORES table to the TEAMS table. The second objective is to create some sort of 2 list views/data grids within the TEAMS form. One to filter records from the SPORT SCORES table as that team is considered the 'Visitor Team' and another to filter the records from the SPORT SCORES as that team is considered the 'Home Team'.

    Can someone give me some insights how to approach this including what data types I should be using when constructing my tables in order to achieve both the lookups from one table to another as well as to have the Relationships in place for both tables.

    Any help will be welcoming!


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    I suggest you create an ERD for your database before you begin. You can watch tutorials online to get you started. When you have some basic knowledge and after fumbling around with the design aspect of your tables, you will have new questions. The answers to those questions will bring you closer to a solution.

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    I would think you are fine as it is. In sports score tbl, maybe a column that contains one of the 2 Team IDs


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