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    Calculate Miles in Access Query Using Latitude/Longitude


    New to the forum, but I thought I'd post something that might be helpful to someone out there.

    I needed a way to calculate mileage in Access using Latitude/Longitude. I didn't want to connect to the Excel Object Library to use formulas or involve any complicated SQL functions....i just wanted a formula. I couldn't find anything concrete online, but I was able to combine a few peoples methods into one formula and it works fine.

    The formula requires the Lat/Long to be represented as Radian (which is the formula of (Coordinate*(PI/180))....or Coordinate*0.0174532925199433). For the below formula, i have already converted to Radians.

    OLatRadian = Origin Latitude Radian
    DLatRadian = Destination Latitude Radian
    OLonRadian = Origin Longitude Radian
    DLongRadian = Destination Longitude Radian

    Then use this formula:


    - This is for miles. You can change this to KM, feet, or whatever other unit you want.

    It should be noted, this is straight line mileage, not driving distance!

    Just thought it would help someone out,


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    Nice, thanks.

    I presume the Lat and Long values are decimal degrees in a number type field, not degrees/minutes/seconds in a text field.
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Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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