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    Table/Query acting wierd

    I have never experienced this phenomena and maybe you guys have - I hope. This has had me occupied most of the day.

    T_Main has an attribute linked to T_Attribute (primary keyed). T_Main has the linked attribute set to "Limit to List".

    When viewing T_Main attribute you see the drop-down and when testing it, it will only allow blanks or attributes form T_Attribute to be selected.

    Good so far, right? So here's my problem.

    T_Main has 1,300 records which appear to be blank (null) in the attribute column but when running a query to pull all nulls it says there are none!

    Also, when initially opening T_Main, the first record shows an attribute until you run the pointer into that cell and then the attribute disappears.

    I have rebuilt the table - nada. Rebuilt the query - nada. What else should I be trying?

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    I would look at the lookup behind on the attribute field in your main table. Have a look at the rowsource and see how many fields there are. Is this the same amount as the column count. Also look at the column widths as any zeros will make the field invisble.

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    I did have the look up set to 2 columns from a 2 column table with the first column set to 0" so it would not show. I have opened that up now and will test it later today. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks for the hints.

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