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    creation of reports with fixed number of rows

    Hi, I can't seem to figure out how to create a basic report with a set number of rows. IE: a report that has to have 20 rows, but only 5 items are returned on a query, therefore 15 rows will be empty, but need to be physically seen on the report.

    Ex: report detail section must have 20 items numbered 1 - 20. 5 items are returned so we normally end up with 1 - 5... Now I have to "trick" the report into printing 15 more rows 6-20 with empty boxes.

    any ideas?


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    (1) Have your reports record source retrieve 5 records (only) with a query {hopefully it's the first 5 records] or
    (2) add a hidden counter in thye detail section of your report, the value of which is tested on the report's Detail Section's OnFormat event, if > 5 hide all the controls in the detail section, otherwise show all. This creates a blank line for each hidden row; more machinations are involved to elimiunate it.

    The first method is superior, unless footer totals are involved, which requires even more machinations.

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